Pick Pet Inventory

Why does the bot move items from the pet inventory into the characters inventory? (ex. I use the pets inventory to store grains and what not, then when i start the bot it moves the items over)
[12:48:44] Pet: Moving [HP Recovery Grain (Small)] to inventory

why so?

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Because it can use the item and you have room for it.

I set the bot not to use grains but it still moves them over… is there a way around it?

No, it moves all potions / status potions to your inventory so they can be used by the bot.

Can we please get an option to disable this feature? Let’s say I am grinding in mirror dimension for job leveling and from time to time the opponent job pays me a visit and I want to stop the bot and put up a fight, I find all my pots/pills wasted against the mobs. It is inconvenient. I want to drag my pots and pills to my inventory whenever I need them. Last year when i opened this thread my solution was to use 2 pick pets… One for storing purposes and one for picking the job quest item. And the only reason for that is because the pet moved my stuff around. As i said this is inconvenient. So please add an option for this. Thank you!

Added. It will be on the Pick Filter → Options tab. It will not affect moving for needing more arrows/bolts or storing/selling.

In the collection filter, there might be an option to move the item from pet to inventory

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Ryan my pet doesnt move vigors hp mp to char inventory during fight in training area.

It only moves them when you run out.

New request,

   When i collect all items and inventory full, can you create an condition for; When inventory is full == Sort items in Character Inventory.

    Thats needed for mission (Sayun's Request 2) bot converts Guardian Cyrstals 100 times to Sprit Crystals and result is in picture![I4lya4A|690x402](upload://is5kF45eZKYgsXaOFiN9wzyU7UR.jpeg)