Phnot not working

opended manager
click start accounts
when first phnot acc opens
logs below
then close and open again then close in a cyrcle :slight_smile:
note : it was working fine but from 1 h that hsppended on fembria private server

[01:23:06] Welcome to phBot v23.6.6

[01:23:06] Updates will be posted at /

[01:23:06] Twitter:

[01:23:06] Facebook:

[01:23:23] Login successful

[01:23:23] You have 13 days left for iSRO/SilkroadR/vSRO/cSRO SilkroadR

[01:23:27] Plugin: xAutoDungeon v1.0.1 succesfully loaded

[01:23:29] Plugin: xChat v1.0.0 successfully loaded

[01:23:29] Plugin: xControl v1.1.3 successfully loaded

[01:23:30] Creating private server database – this may take a while

You need to let it create the database first then you can use the Manager.

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