Phbots excessive CPU usage

Some phbot instances use ALOT of CPU, some even 10% while others stay under 1 % all the time ( it are always the same instances of PHbot that use alot of cpu even though its on the start screen

How can i reduce the CPU usage of these bot clients? (all are clientless)

Depends on where you are in game. If there are lots of packets (like in a town) it’s going to consume more.

Its in ISRO, doesnt matter when char is in town or at training spot, always same 2/3 clients who us emore CPU

I have some problem. Try to buy CrapTrap it’s work for me.

I got craptrap

PS. CPU is i7 6700, not a problem i think

Use the slower attack mode on those characters.

helps a bit, thanks

Also if you have “collision detection” on it’s going to consume more. However, just standing around at the training area shouldn’t use any CPU.

iam running phbot v16.2.0 with 100+ chars botting in bagdad
my cpu is very low


Which Windows version do you have?

windows 7

Very nice. Nice job man!

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dang what are u pc specs?