Phbot + pserver vps

will pserver ability to work with vps be based each individual devloper or is there a way to get phbot and a pserver working. there is a new server called Necro opening up in a few weeks.
Thank you

i heard somthing like if you want start sro clien on vps u need a physical gpu on your vps

yeah thats what im hear as well. but i want to see if clientless is support on any pservers
which i doubt tbh.

i dont know for that u need wait the expert :slight_smile:

VMware ESXi with software rendering works.

It won’t work on private servers that detect virtual machines.

u can use it on VPS, just start clientess login :slight_smile: the only minus is that you cant play :stuck_out_tongue: ( u need gpu )

Sort of. You don’t need a GPU with VMware software rendering.

seems like alot more work. Ill juust stick to running laptops. Thank you all for the help