Phbot Multiclient Does not open more than 2 chars

I’m playing on a Celeus server and I’m trying to open multiple char but I can’t open more than 2 chars, please help someone

buy proxies

This is the first time I’ve used bot. will the problem be solved after receiving a proxy? And Where To Buy

u can login 99 but u can do the “login progress” 1 at a time … since login port is limited to 1 at a time after the last update of opening new server…

also there is an “open client” problem that sometimes fail and crash … got to re-open client till it gets it … its a silkroad coding problem failing with vidcard memory… or something like that

Where To buy proxy?

Hmmm i can open 2 at one Time without Ban

Use Google to find Proxy Provider. There are different Provider

Could you tell me more about proxy ?