PhBot Manager can't login

My manager connects the server perfectly but when it comes to login there is a problem that i cannot understand, can anyone show me the way? because everytime i login 4 char manually and it sucks.

check start the silkroad client

client starts there is no problem about that but staying at login screen

@Ryan could you help please :grimacing:

i have same problem

You need to fix your server name in the “edit private server dialog”.

This is wrong:


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what option should i choose idk

our server name is Legion idk what to fix here could you be more illustrative please

okay @delirusbot solve the problem he connected to my pc edit the server and add server name manually ‘Legion’ then bot logined automatically thanks to him again and again :hugs:

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Im really happy to see that problem solved :slight_smile: Tyt mate <3

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