Phbot İnstaller

Hi,I decided to buy this bot and I will use this bot first time in my life. when I install this bot wich one I must select ?

If I select Stable What will happen or if I select another ones what will happen ?? can you help me ?

It’s asking you which version you would like to use. Just choose testing if you don’t know.

yes Iam asking this

I choosed the Stable version, so what is stable version ?

and can I use phbot on F8 Guard systems ?

The difference is already explained in the installer.

Yes you can use it on F8 servers but you need to use the testing release because it has many improvements for vSRO.

okey then . i will install again and I will choose the testing , and If I choose testing I can use it on F8 guard systems yea ?

and I wanna use in Rsilkroad.But in game When you buy or sell trade goods, system want a key for selling and buying and key is changing per hour 1 times . how I can make it write in bot? did you solve this problem ?

There are plenty of threads about this already. Since it is now an image there is not a public solution.

hi, i did everything corretcly but when i write my id - password and character name after click Login, client is not openinng ?? and I have latest version

Click “launch client”.

i cant click something ? I share picture look at it

You don’t use clientless login if you want to launch the client.

i dont want to use clientless ?

That’s why you need to click “launch client” and not “login”. Login button is for clientless.

i dont even see sro_client picture on screen ? nothing happening after click login bro

i watch a video he wrote id pw and char. name after he click login and client is opening

Go into task manager and close all running clients. Something is bugged causing the client to not open and I can’t fix that.

@ahmetcoco07 kardeş bir sürü video var botun kullanımıyla ilgili boşuna burda yırtınma. Botu açtıktan bilgilerini gir, relog on dcyi seç sonra sağ alttan launch cliente bas