phbot.exe not detect the character not in-game when the client crashed in character first spawn,
1 min or 2 min then i pm the char private in-game chat, its already offline and the phbot is already sleeping.
so the manager not detect that the bot already disconnected and wont terminate it ever until you do it manually.

you should add a timer or something to trigger the incoming packets from the server if no packets comes in 5~10 minutes so its already disconnected.

It does that already.

so what happen in this case prevent the phbot from being disconnected?

Check you manager settings,

It work fine here. For me after 1 min(60000) manager detect as dc and start. Also if you stop phbot for this acc, manager dont start bot.
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bro phbot didn’t detect that char not in game, not detect that’s already dc in first login client crash.
so the manager wont ever detect that bot is disconnected. so the problem not in the manager settings.

I run manager without any problem. Search problem on you bro

@Ryan check this photo i already added xPacketTool plugin to show which opcodes still come to bot from the server in that case of stuck. this char already not in-game i checked it already in private chat from another char.
and server still send that opcode 0x30CF to bot that prevent bot from being disconnected.

i trying something like this

ingame = False

def handle_joymax(opcode, data):
	global ingame
	if opcode != 0x30CF:
		ingame = True
	return True

def joined_game():
def DC_Timer():
	global ingame
	if ingame:
		ingame = False

i tried this code and working perfect with me.
bot will dc itself if passed 2 minutes without any S>C packet comes and (opcode != 0x30CF) which always sent from the server even if char not in-game.

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