Ph bot picking

Hi, I have a problem about picking, I am using same settings for over 2 years, but 2 days before a problem occurred. My chars don’t pick golds and daily lambs. They’re picking other materials without a problem. How Can I solve it? Txx

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+1 the newst version ago. isro aether

What do you mean ?

my daily lamps the bot dont pickup since the lastest update

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What about golds?


NO problem stt picking

You didn’t got my problem. I already using my old settings for 2 years. The problem started in 2 days.

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@Ryan is there any information ?

I tested this already and picking gold is fine on character and pet.

I always update bot and manager. I tried the problem in a new char aswell problem is same. Only pick pet is working. But chars are not grabbing. What can be the problem. It’s happening for 15 chars.

Also I deleted 1 of my chars pick filter and did it again. Still same @Ryan

You need to set “character pick”.

Settings are like that. I didn’t change anything. After last update chars started not to pick.

Yeah, I solved the problem with resetting all picking filter files in ph bot folder.

I dont know if this is a error or I missed somehing. I checked:

  • Use pick pet
  • Pick other player’s items
  • Pick party items

I came accross something similar yesterday. My PickPet dont want to pick until my char moved

After I unchecked Pick other player’s items and party items it worked normal.
I dont know if this is something that has to do with this or not I just thought I would share it

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