PH bot ıp selection bar

PHbot told me there is more than one Ip and from there I chose 1 for 2 accounts There is 1 more ip, how do I choose?(that bar is not visible now.)
if you are wondering how do i get 2 ip
ı have ethernet
and wifi socket

its just bug

That is not a bug. He has multiple IPs.

yeah dud how can i use this

You can’t unless each interface goes to a different network and has a different public IP.

i have a different ip but i don’t know how to separate it,After connecting to a different network, extra ip detected message in ph bot came. After that, ip list came, I chose one ip for 2 accounts but I didn’t use the other one.but that list came only once and then it never came again

I have that same problem. Although there are 2 ip connected to my computer, the selection screen does not appear. I haven’t tried whether it works if I enter it manually from the phBot.ini file. And I don’t know if the address I need to enter there is the IPv4 address? I’m also afraid of the characters being banned :fearful:.

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Just edit the BindIP field in phBot.ini if you want to make use a specific IP.

where is ? PHbot.ini

in phBot Testing Folder

I have 2 IPs, I only use one of them, how can I use the other one?

how can i redirect each interface to a different ip

Ryan said

The phbot testing folder does not have phbot.ini its have phbot,how do i do that( This shouldn’t be necessary. Just setup two different bot folders with different BindIP fields in phBot.ini .)

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