PC Fans at 100%. Client hiding problem?

Hi. I use the Manager to login 9 accounts. The Manager starts the Client for all of them and then Hide them all.
Now my problem is, that my PC Fans are driving crazy then. But when i manually first Show and then Hide all of the Clients, the PC Fans are driving normal again.
So my question is, if there is a difference between the Manager Hiding the clients and me doing it manually. And if there may be a solution for this.
Because, the more accounts disconnect and get restartet by the manager, the faster my PC Fans are driving. When i get home and Show/Hide the accounts manually, everything is ok again.

I know i could just go clientless. I’m just curious why this happens.

It depends on which version of the game you’re talking about. iSRO will always render in the background so it still consumes resources even when hidden. vSRO doesn’t do this but sometimes after a teleport it’ll start rendering and consuming resources.

Oh, ok. I didn’t know that. I’m playing Dark World Online. I assume vSRO?
The weired thing is, this Fan problem happens only at the Start of the Clients. I often use the Bots Map to teleport, without showing the client, and it never happens while grinding too. And while the Bot is grinding it teleports back to town several times, but the Fans stay silent.
And if i don’t use the Manager and login all accounts manually and hide them after ingame, it doesn’t happen too.
I haven’t tried what happens when the bot itself relogs after a disconnect, but i think it will just start showing the client, if i’m not wrong.

Thanks anyway. I think i’ll just have to start the accounts clientless.

Your computer is thermal throttling. That is by design of your computer.

@billbill I know it’s thermal throttling. That wasn’t the question. The question is, why it does this only when the Manager Hides the Clients, but not if i Hide the Clients manually.
I thought Hide is Hide, but there seems to be a difference in how my PC is handling the Manager-Hide in comparence to my Manual-Hide. (layman observation)

Just to be clear. My PC can handle all 9 Clients opened easy (all in 1920x1080 with High Graphics Settings), with silent Fans. It’s just the Manager Start / Hide, that’s making me problems.

When your computer is drawing more power, it will product more heat. When pHbot is hiding the game clients it needs more power from the system. Having Silkroad open 9 different game clients at one time is the reason for this. Make sure your computer is free from dust and also make sure your computer is running at an optimal temp. Don’t use high graphics settings within the SRO game client. That is one of the main reasons you are drawing more power from the CPU and GPU. High graphics will also use up more system RAM. An OS like Windows does not manage RAM all that well.

You are obviously not understanding the problem. One more time, just for you:

1:This is what happens when i don’t use the Manager:
I open 1 phBot after another and log into the game (leaving the Clients open and visable, untill i have 9 game clients up and running (all visable and not hidden!) CPU and Graphicscard Temerature are and stay low, PC Fans are running slow.

2: This is what happens, when i let the Manager start all 9 clients:
I open the Manager and let it start all 9 clients (doesn’t matter if i let the Manager hide the gameclients or not). CPU Temperature is rising high, Graphicscard Temperature stays low, PC Fans are driving at 100% and stay at 100%, until i come to the extremly loud PC and Hide all 9 gameclients one single time manually. After i Hide them manually, the CPU Temperature falls down to a normal temperature again and the PC Fans are running normall again.
But, the more Clients the Manager has to restart cause of Game disconnections, the higher the CPU Temperature raises and the faster the Fans are spinning again. Untill i manually hide the restarted clients (by the Manager) again.

If you still don’t understand the problem, i am really sorry. English in’t my main language, and i really can’t explain it better.
I hope you’ll understand now, that the problem isn’t my RAM or Hardware (my PC is pretty overpowerd for this. If i want i could run like ~20 Clients without problems) or Dust (i clean my PC once every month and have just renewed the heatpaste 3 and a half month ago).

I just thought, maybe the Manager does something while starting the Clients that increases CPU usage, that doesn’t happen when starting the clients manually, and somehow the Managers automatic client hide doesn’t solve this but manual hide does.

I’m curious if i’m really the only one experiencing this.
Would be nice if someone could test this and share their experiences with me/us, if this happens to them too.
I’m just a user (No IT-Pro, but also no DAU) and don’t want to blow up a problem, if it really isn’t one.
It’s just my curiousity, why i started this Topic.

Thanks in advance.

Using the manager, it is opening 9 clients at the same time. Opening 1 client at a time uses a lot less resources. Thermal throttling is something normal. The computer is designed to protect its vital components under high CPU usage. I suggest using at least 16GB of RAM. Maybe you can set a delay so that the manager is not opening 9 clients simultaneously.

I have 32 GB RAM. And have tried with a delay between the Client starts and without a delay. Same problem.

When i start the Clients manually and let them all be visable, my CPU usage is at ~15% - 20%, my RAM usage is at 15 GB of 32 GB, and Graphics usage is at 2%.

When i let the Manager start the clients, everything is the same, except the CPU usage. It jumps to 100% and stays there.

You might want to increase the delay per client. So that they have enough time to load the client and then go into clientless mode 1 at a time. So, they follow one another but still having more than enough time between openings. That should lower the CPU usage, but it might just be marginal.

Like mentioned earlier, that doesn’t help. Even if i set the delay to 5 minutes.
Every Client started by the Manager is increasing the CPU usage, and after it’s ingame the CPU usage isn’t going down again.
And going clientless isn’t a solution, cause i need all 9 of them to be visable.

I really appreciate your efforts to help me, but we’re going in circles.
I assume it must be Manager related (in combination with my OS, Drivers, Hardware,…, no idea).

It is related to the SRO client. Nothing to do with the manager. Running 9 clients at 1 time is what is causing this. Only way to fix this is to not have them all visible.

Ok now i am 100% sure you don’t read what i write carefully, or you just don’t understand what i’m telling you.
One last time. I can have 20+ Clients opened AND visable at the same time without any problems, IF i start them manually OR Show and then Hide them manually once (if they are started by the Manager). And i still can use my PC normally, browse the Internet, stream Movies, use this forum, even using Vegas Pro and edit some videos. And nothing stresses my CPU.

I also tried to start phBot 9 times (without the Manager) and fill out the Login credentials, and then let them all start directly one after another manually, with a delay of maybe 1 second (including starting the clients).
Result: 9 times ingame and visable without any problems.

I don’t know what else to say. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then it must be a duck.

This has nothing to do with pHbot or the manager. This solely to do with SRO.

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