Password Manager Exe

Password Manager Exe. I know the password but it says “incorrect” please help.

Not the bot itself, its the Manager Exe.

Restore from the backup folder.

In deleted my old file. How can i sign in the manager exe? It wont let me sign in. I am connected already with phbot exe.

If you deleted everything then it’s gone.

I understand. But how can i log in? Manager exe? How can i set the password? Or reset maybe? I need to log in somehow i still have 29 days on my account.

Manager is free. When you first open it it will ask you to set a password. If the file is corrupted you need to delete Manager.enc then it will create a new one and let you set a new password. You will lose all of your accounts that you previously stored inside it.

Alright i will give it a try. Thank you

Thank you password is reset :slightly_smiling_face:

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