Party number plugin is it possible?

example: sv_16 party from number 252
pm jobsecure 252

Sure, parse it with regex.

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import re
from phBot import *

def handle_chat(t, player, msg):
    if t == 2:
        if re.match("sv_[0-9]+ party from number [0-9]+", msg):
            party_number = msg.split(" ")[-1]

There now all you need is to send the party number to whoever you need too :slight_smile:

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Seems like the party number is not in the message. You will need extract more than that regex!

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Yeah I was going off the written text. Looking at the screenshot now and yeah that regex won’t work.

Gotta request party matching data and iterate through it.

Hay @Ryan!

is it possible to do so?

Nick is given for batch numbering In the question.

It´s not possible at the moment with the bot. You have to write a Plugin and extract the Matching data

Hello there;

Is there a chance to try all the numbers on the party list?
Is there any code for it