Party Member Level Condition

I’m looking for a way to add a condition that’s based on the level of your partymember, like change profile when everyone in your party reached a certain level.

Is it possible to achieve this with a plugin, or in phbot itself?

All you need it’s python knowledge and this :

Got basic knowledge of Java, but no experience with python so far, which is why i’m asking for any pointers.

@Gundalf @JellyBitz did you get it working?

Do I have to create an own Plugin or can I do it with the Conditions tab and call a Python function?
Please can you give me an hind how to do this?

@JellyBitz @DeRidder14

I want to change the training area if all party members are above level 15.
here is my Example of the script, but Im not really into Python. Can you give me some little code snipps?

from phBot import *

def get_party():
	if level >= 15

	return True