Party Member Hp %

Hi Ryan, we could already set the conditions you brought yesterday by putting the healing cycle in the party buff. Our main problem is that party member hp% doesn’t work. It would be nice if you could make a special adjustment for it because only ch is not like the eu race, the manas are not filled and we have a potion shortage.

The game might not be updating their HP or MP instantly so it won’t trigger.

So how are the settings made? No matter how much we give the interval, it did not heal even 1 time.

No. The first value is the party member name.

Even if a member name is entered, it doesn’t work properly :frowning:

There shouldnt be && operator. It would be || i think. because we can only cast the skill if 2 conditions are true.

You would see need two conditions to cast a skill on the player with low HP.

Try to add the statement in the training area. It might be work with that