Palmyra XP fatigue

nice to have a “DC after ##:## time of booting” & it resets when clicking on reset status

suggestion to add:
DC/reconnect … after ##:## amount of time being logged in
-cant be reset unless relogin/DC
-dont matter if u r boting or standing still
for the sake of not wasting half the day unable to gain XP … cuz of bug or something that made bot stop … while im AFK for big time

You can do that with a plugin.

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i searched “fatigue” in “plugins” section but no results for DC after a set time being login (botting or not)

You have to write one.

funny … 20secends before ur reply … i was thinking when is he gonna reply xD
at anyrate … how do i write one?where to learn such a thing? is there a youtube vid? or where?

You’ll have to learn some Python.

where do i have time to learn all that
make it a feature
or is it a copyrighted material by another bot … that someone else have to make it & as a plugin?