Paid for 4 week with paypal can't login?

Any help ? Dont understand what happens, paid for 4 weeks loging to phbot say dont have anytime left. And needed to remake new account on this forum, dont understand anything, any clue ?

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You have to use the new Password. Otherwise you will see the old bottime
See the following link at the End:

I did, found on my email, used new password, and always said incorrect passwrod, username or email, reseted my pw, same.

If you used the same E-Mail as before, you have to wait for @Ryan


I did use same details on this new forum. Ok…

@Ryan time extension there is problem 4 weeks extended added Problem with msn problem problem issue

@Ryan go sleep where phbot where help

@Ryan ı need to help about this… ı m paid 8+ 8 weeks but phbot say dont have anytime…

I have the same problem or Scammer ?

where @Ryan

dont make reset have proglem phBot | Silkroad Online Bot

No I’m not a scammer; I was sleeping. The new payment system could still have issues but for the most part it looks like it’s working fine.

Did you receive an email saying your subscription was activated? On a successful payment you receive an email with the username/password (if it’s a new email). And another one saying the subscription has been activated. If you didn’t receive any of these then you should check your spam folder.

Also, you need to use the exact same email as the one on the old forum otherwise you will not be extending the time of your old account. If you don’t have an account there or you don’t have any time left on that account then you can use whatever email you like.

One thing to note is that this forum is completely disconnected from the phBot / CrapTrap subscriptions. They are unrelated.

@Ryan can you help me about my problem ı change my bot pw but still same no have time…

Yes of course. How did you pay? I see some TECKCARD transactions but I don’t think they were processed correctly. Did you use that?

@Ryan ı use Gamebayi site they say done and send link Screenshot by Lightshot

Did they specify your email address on that page? If not, they received time on their own account and you did not.

ppl have same ıd pw or mail ? how they received othr own account ?

Username will be the same if you still had time; otherwise you receive an email (the one specified on the buy page) with the new login details.

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This is an English only forum. If you want to PM me your payment details I can help you.