Packet building and walk script execution

Hey there, I am writing a plugin to run a script when clicking a button and I was wondering a couple things.
Firstly, can a plugin make the bot execute a walk script from a file, just like conditions can?

Secondly, I’ve been checking out the code on some of your plugins @JellyBitz to try and use some bits of it in my plugin and I have the following question regarding the attached image:
Sin título2
Whats the data for this packet in “p”?
If I know the data for packet that I want to send, how can I build my own packet using the struct.pack function? I don’t really understand how it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Ty vm ^^

  1. You’ll need to know the packet structure.
    struct — Interpret bytes as packed binary data — Python 3.9.2 documentation

  2. You can help yourself by using the documentation from past sources.
    Home · DummkopfOfHachtenduden/SilkroadDoc Wiki · GitHub
    xBot-WinForms/PacketBuilder.cs at master · JellyBitz/xBot-WinForms · GitHub

  3. Then mimic the commands handled by bot like walk, wait, teleport, DoStuffs

… or just ask for an API stuff. Now it seems like too much work, right?