Only 2 Clients?

Hallo, i get this error if i try to login my 3rd account: the maximum number of login attempts have been reached. Have the new iSro Server an IP Limit? How i can fix this?

Everybody should be aware of the new login system. If you try to login more than 2 accounts on same gateway, game blocks your IP for couple hours.

Always use PhBot Testing version if you play on iSRO. Also set your Manager correctly. Start up 2 accouns at once. Never try to login more than 2 accounts. Manager should start 2 accounts and after they logged in, program can try to login other 2 accounts.

Always make sure to check “Queue” option on phBot to prevent IP ban. Also don’t use proxy to login more than 2 accounts at once. Consider your protection and safety.

phBot stable doesn’t have Queue option. Use stable only vSRO or just don’t use stable version. :slight_smile: