New Option in Attack subject if pt 8/8

Can you add new option for using skill “special skill” but when a party is “full”
i try to make it by using ( player nearby ) but not working
for example: use (life turnover) when the pt 8/8
or lava trap or or, make the skills like lure skills
but when the pt is full
i think its important cause life skill when pt not full make charcs dlvl but hwen they full (warrior-cleric-bard-warlock, etc) gonna more safe


Regarding The Lure
you can stop the lure if specific name not in range.
just add all ur chars. in the list

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And for the Lifeturnover I guess you can use condition

If Player in Range == ALL your chars
cast inactive ( life turnover )

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bro, u don’t got me
but i like ur another comment and i’ll try condition

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