Need help?

Hello ryan. is it easier to have an option to buy gold before the bank? Because the bag is not gold, the bot stops :frowning:

I don’t have any idea what you’re asking me to add.

For example, when it comes to the bank, the first thing is to transfer gold from the safe to the bag. this will solve all my problem.

Can’t you already do that? Have your town script go to storage or guild storage first.

I do so, but for example I want to store an item one by one. But since there is no gold in the bag, he cannot transfer the rest to the bank.

if he puts the gold in the warehouse into the bag first. transports items back to the warehouse and the boat does not stop.

please can you help @Ryan

the only problem is that the boat stops during storage. I transfer an item from the bank to the bag, I want to transfer the other items back to the bank. but the boat stops because there is no gold in the bag. But if he puts the gold in the bank into the bag first, the whole problem is solved. @Ryan

You have to do the “take” script command then the others.

unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. the only solution is to get gold from the bank first. :frowning:


@Ryan When transferring a product from the bank, it must first buy gold. How do I do this?

2kez guild deposuna girmesini ayarla sorunun ozamn düzelir ama zaten ilk altını alır genelde

Can you check in to the guild bank 2 times ?

no it has nothing to do with it

While ryan is at the bank, will you transfer the first gold and then the items to the bag? @Ryan

@Ryan pls help bro, im need.