Need help in phbot @Support

i need help in plugins
exactly need to change something in plugin “xControl” …
need to change the “TRACE” to other words like “cmd trace”

@Ryan @DeRidder14 @Everyone
help me guys

@Ryan @Pufyecco @DeRidder14 help me please

Why did you tag someone last seen in February?

Open the plugin in notepad and search for the command you want to change. Replace it with whatever word you want

i did it and nothing change …

i changed everything which have “TRACE” to “cmd trace” and no think change …

what i should to change ?

Change everything and save it, then reload the plugin. That’s all

like this ? every thing name TRACE i changed it to “cmd trace”

all right,sir?

No you’ve broken it

can u join discord i open stream and u help me ,plz?
or come anydesk/teamviewer and help me please :frowning:

reply me please,sir ?

Just replace this, adding spaces will likely break it so do “cmdtrace”

bro iam playing ftw and they told us to open mbot but this Sh1t got clientless and dc alot
but they will say cmd trace not cmdtrace and i don’t know what i do :frowning:

so if u have any other solve about this “space” please tell me
@DeRidder14 @Ryan

Every bot has it’s own way to handle commands … that trace is quicker than cmd trace in mbot … what is done is an a simple way “when u write down this command i think it injects a code or something like that , or even start the trace function in bot” so it maybe not easy to change … if so the DeRidder way would work

Here this will work (23.1 KB)