Need GoDimensional script Line

I need to use GoDimensional command on my FGW script to make it full-auto, bu i just cannot put the grade (stars) in the command line. Whichever stars i used, them all failed to be executed.

I need the correct command line for "GoDimensional,Dimension Hole (Shipwreck-***)
[Just need the correct stars for the line].

Thanks in advance.

Drop the item or sell via phbot and copy the name in log easy as that


Omg! I feel really stupid, how come i could not think that… Geeeez… Thanks bro. Done now. Appreciated.

I’m using the Godimensional command, I set the bot to walk to an empty area in town, it always spawns the pillar but sometimes doesn’t enter and other times it does … anyone knows what the issue is?

You have to make sure there are no other pillars around

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In VTC server i can’t find name Dimension hole in inventory, because the bot couldn’t load or had an error ? I refresh inventory but still don’t see that item. Sorry for my bad English.

can you plase share your auto fgw script ? i am trying to use command to teleport to fgw but doesnt work it just says you loaded script for different town or you are far away