Monster Priority

Hello @Ryan,

  1. The monsters set in the “Monster” section on phBot and the monsters set on the “Monster Preferences” section are pioneered in the “Monster” section. Can you make the monsters that we have identified with a special name to be given priority.

Example: When “Sereness” is determined with unique pioneering and special name, it selects and attacks the nearest unique. I want the sereness to be recognized more pioneering. Thus, maps such as fgw and temple allow us to move faster.

  1. Would you add a feature for monster priority ranking? The higher the +1 +2 +3 … + so the phbot users can determine it, the more priority it should be given to the monster.

Titan +4
Unique +3
Giant Party +2 …


Titan (Very very high)
Unique (High)
Giant Party (Medium)

What do you think about these features?

upppp @Ryan

@Ryan Please, would you give a statement?