MItra - AutoLogin -

how i can fix ?? :unamused:

p.s how isend private message now?

That’s a little strange since it’s a private server. Did they recently have an update that broke it?

Edit: You can PM me by clicking on your icon at the top right and clicking on the ‘Message’ icon. Also, I can just make any thread a private message which is nice.

im using v21.2.5 ( yeah its old versioni,but its worked in all privates im playing,just this one,Mitra have problem)

thye using static captcha ( never change )

I’m pretty sure I added something recently to fix that server.

My version is v21.5.6 and getting same problems

I’ll have to take a look. That server should be working.

working perfect…but you will get that error…if character dc and try log :slight_smile:
if you press OK … will work again

Here’s my next question: why are you specifying the passcode? It will only grab the encrypted one if it’s specified and iSRO/SilkroadR.