Mini pc´s that can run pH bot (low-power)

im looking for mini pc´s that i can just to run like 2-3 phbot with CL and maybe some ps2 emu does anyone have exp with this kind of pc´s and maybe recomendations would be nice if i find one (dont have to be new) for about 100-130 euro

There are a lof pc’s like that in turkey but i dont now your country :slight_smile: you can look for 1st gen i5 cpus or similiar, 4 gb ddr2 ram enough and an old graphics card with 512mb or 1 gb memory would be fine

since its running 24/7 i dont want it to draw much power im thinking about something like ACEPC T11 Mini PC

im from germany
pc building is my hobby so i dont have problems with that but efficency should have a big prio if possible less then 50W

Did you tried rasberry pi? New ones have 4 gb ram should be enough and you get min power consumption. But i dont know if bot is working fine on it. As far as i know ubuntu can be installed on raspi

i think i heard it 1 month ago from @Ryan that it will not work but idk where it was

You could have think a second hand old laptop since their power adapters not usig so much power also