Mini Map update?

need phbot map update for job cave and Jangan cave ?

need minimap for polygon-area scribt

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The minimap does not support caves.

why?, this is necesary for plvl

Because the maps work completely differently.

Certainly different.

I’m trying to figure out how to setup this map levels at a map viewer.
With no success :sleepy: Only one layer seems fine.


what is this beauty :open_mouth:

Leaflet. Javascript library, with layers looks possible represent caves, not totally sure, I’m still lookin into it.

I will be happy if somebody give me a cave jangan coord (using bot. because ingame is not showing I think)

B1 coords: -23232, 642

Cave level (B1, B2, B3, etc.) is determined by the X sector. Y sector is always 128.

can you share this program?


Floor 2:

Back down to floor 1 (fixed center offset):

Donwhang works but everywhere else requires hacks so I’ll have to look into it later.


It means xSector from 11 to 14 represent Cave Jangan 1B?
What about 2B Coords, it’s a lower xSector probably?
What coords can be found there at Cave Donwhang?

B1 = 7
B2 = 6
Donwhang = 1

Other caves are going to be higher values.

Donwhang cave entrance area: -24278, -88

Spot the dot.

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So, I got movement working along with drawing polygons / showing the radius. Only the Donwhang cave, Jinsi, and Temple are working though since I can’t go into the other areas to test.

How do you get this numbers?

xPosition = (x % 192) * 10;
xSector = (x - xPosition / 10) / 192 + 135;
if : x = -24278; xSector = 8 ( means from 7 to 9 cave donwhang :thinking: )

I should see regions too? I’m only playing with x,y (atm) just changing layers.

Region is in the packets. It’s not used in the minimap files and you cannot calculate it from the “display coords”. Coordinates are simply offsets from the center map (which seems to always be 128x127) which is why you don’t see them in game. It’s just an offset. I calculate them in the bot but it’s pointless.

Make sure you also grab the new minimap files which contain the dungeon images.