You cannot buy / sell caravan with phbot

How can I remove the above warning…What is the solution . Thank you…

You don’t.

i got the same warning, l think the way pHbot buys maxiguard.dll doesn’t allow. if we can change the buy system we could pass this easily. l stopped the pHbot and tried to buy myself it works. The only problem is the buy/sell on pHbot thanks… :slight_smile:

How exactly it is blocking? Which server use it? I want to try it you made me curious :slight_smile:

The server called, Prime Online (prime sro) has maxiguard active

i found how did they do it, they changed the buy opcode for the trade items (0x5555) and blocked the old one (0x7034) i searched the buy packet but its will take time to make a python function do the same thing as oldtrade,buy,X .
or @ryan can do it if he wants :smiley:

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What’s their gateway hostname/IP so I don’t have to download the client?

    "divisions": {
        "": [
    "port": 7004,
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Added for the next update.

Edit: Kind of funny how now there’s a bunch of paid filter hosting now after I started it way back.

haha :smiley: does your filter block the phbot auto trade :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: askjdhasdkjhdasjksd

Thanks bro…Succesful :slight_smile:


Thank you for all Admin :slight_smile:


i got confused. is it fixed or it will be ?

It’s in the testing release. Auto trade should work now.

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i’m still getting the same error as before can u help how to fix ? some ppl says it’s successful?

is there new update for the pHbot? shall l download the bot again?

If you look through the change log it was released a few days ago.

Server ? let me help you. It works in the test version.
Sunucu ? sana yardım edeyim. Test Sürümünde çalışıyor kardeşim.

Hi again, they updated the maxiguard version v1.2 to v1.5 and the phbot cannot buy auto trade again :frowning: help pls

same error shown up You cannot buy / sell caravan with phbot

buldum, opcode degismis tekrardan kervan itemlerini alirken o yuzden mallari alip satmiyor (0xCC0C) yardim edermisiniz

found it, opcode is changed again for trade items (0xCC0C) thats why the error while buying the trade items, pls help me @Ryan

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nice work :slight_smile: so we will play cat and dogs all the time with maxiguard:D we find opcode, ryan will change, maxiguard wil change, we find opcode, etc… :smiley: