Manager View Improvment


Would it be possible to create a view in the Manager with the same look and feel that you get when you click on the Group, but for all the bots that are configured in the manager, more often then not I’m changing groups to check the status of all the bots and it gets a little bit frustrating when you do it a lot.
This way it would also make it easier to select the bot you want to show the status, an extra input field to filter the list based on the name could also be useful.

So basically it would be a list of all the bots configured would also be a good nice to have if the list could be like
Bot1/Alive/Online Botting
Bot2/Alive/Online Botting

This of course fits in the QOL improvements of the Manager.


its useless what you ask all you have to do is click the group and check the if party is online and obtting or not. really useless things

not if you have 10 groups…

seperate it to 2 manager then

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