Manager Start Queue Mechanism Suggestion


I have 32 chars on my Manager and all of them are playing on full capacity server;

In case of a possible disconnection on my computer;

If I selected image , all of them try to start then because of cpu insufficiency noone can start and pc got hung.

If I selected
image or image
second char waits image first char’s queue complation to start. Then third char waits second. It continues like this to infinity. So again noone can login.

If we have a choice “Wait for each account to be connected” (Because on server queue, it looks connected) it can solve this issue.

Can I get your opinion on this proposal @Ryan ?


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Simple solution - split accounts into multiple groups and then select below option:

With this option same result. Each group waits other group member’s server queue, again noone can start.

Mate, just increase Start delay option in Manager:
I’ve 2 seconds (2000ms), you can increase it to like 30 sec (30000ms).
Just tested by myself, working.

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Bingo !

It works. Thank you ^^

reconnect in manager is not active. and it keeps restarting phbot. how can i mark reconnect in manager. trsro and isro same…

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