Manager Phbot Crashes

Okey when i start 2nd bot from manager it crashes after 1 min first goes clientless then bot dissapears. Im using Test.

Edit: It only happens when i use manager if i run a second bot it doesnt crashes.

check your disconnected delay in manager options

60000 ms is this okey? i havent changed anything it was running till i updated windows, its also on a fresh char, no settings

it depends on your pc… if the bot is unable to open and connect in 60000ms then no thats not enough. You should be looking and seeing what the bot is doing also.

I just log in to test, i start the bot and after 1 min it says Going clinetless, client disappears, bot crashes. Made Delay 160000 ms, doesnt help still same thing.

Look at the bot log…

and the bot crashes immediately :smiley:

same me.
i fixed it.
Run with admin
and dont click start 1 times
Just click Start at Manager

thank you dude <3

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