Manager not working correctly

I’m having some issues with Manager. Once I start it for the first time it works fine, but after some clients start logging out, it seems to get stuck and the bots wont log back in. In my manager options I have
Start delay: 7500
client starting :120000
Login all accounts at once is checked as well.
When i go into the “Manager.log” file it shows it is trying to connect the accounts but for some reason it wont log them in.
BTW I have 2 .dll files I don’t know if I had both before. “python34.dll” and “python38.dll”
I would appreciate any help.

You either forgot to set one of the fields for the character or the bot is missing some details about the private server (like not adding any servers for clientless login).

I don’t think I’ve missed any of the fields, because the first time I start manager the accounts log in and go into queue normally and they do log in. The issue is after for any reason they get dc. It wont log back in again. I’m using isro Palmyra server.

You are welcome to check it on teamviewer if you like

try disconnect 20000ms

Thank you. The problem seemed to have fix it self. Wonder what was going on :thinking:

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