Manager is not working with eagle Cap 100


I am using phbot separately at private server eagle cap 100 and things are going fine, but once i try to use the manager, the client opens and it does not log in.

what is the issue?

note: i am using manager for different private serrvers and things are fine. only with eagle cap 100 it does not work

increase your delays by a bit, depending on what they modified the client may load a bit slower when you start it up and that keeps the manager / bot from recognizing the client is loading and being stuck in login screen.

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If it’s not logging in make sure you have the server name configured in the “edit private server” dialog and that the Manager matches.

they are the same,

i have been usning the manager since a while and i tried it on 3 other servers. only in eagle it is not working

Are you sure the server name you added to the “edit private server” dialog matches the one set in the Manager? That’s generally the issue if it’s not logging in.

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