Maintenance Updates

In about an hour I’m going to take the forum down to migrate from zvols to qcow2 for significantly better write performance. This will improve the speed of the forum a little (especially while backups are being performed). In order to do this the forum must be completely down. Nothing else will be affected.

Starting at 1:00 PM EST (when this post says it was made 1 hour ago) and it will take about an hour to complete.

Updates will be posted at if there are any.


All done. Took about an hour like I estimated.


In an hour the forum will go down so I can make a few modifications. The bot and CrapTrap will be unaffected. I will post updates on Twitter if there’s anything you need to be made aware of.


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I’m currently upgrading a few VMs right now which means you may not be able to authenticate to the bot for a couple of minutes, but if everything goes as expected you should not notice anything.

Rebooting now then it should be finished.

In the next hour or two I’ll be upgrading the server. During this time you may see that you have 1 day remaining of bot time. This is normal and will show the correct amount of time once everything is running again. If you buy a subscription it should be applied once everything is online.

I am almost done. I need to reboot a few things once more and it’ll be good to go.

Everything is done. If you just bought time and do not have it, wait about 20 minutes then try it. If you still don’t have it then send me a message on the forum.


This isn’t exactly a maintenance update.

Cloudflare was down for about 20-30 minutes which caused half the internet to no longer function (reddit / imgur / discord). It also caused this forum and to not load at all, but the bot should have kept working just fine albeit slightly slower when logging in. Everything should be back to normal, but that doesn’t mean it won’t go down again in the future.