Lucky box event pls

hi can u send me a script for town to put lucky box event auto ?

If this is an in-game event this enable the “complete event quests while in town” button in the “Quest” section and that should enable it.

without any script? without editing the town script?

i tried that, but the problem is that its not withdrawing all lucky box that in inventory. why ?

hi, help me i try to do everything, i did script town but the problem is when inventory full he keeps trying, and dont drop the items i set to drop and then try to open., why is that ? how i fix it

You can’t drop all the rewards, some aren’t droppable. It’s better to set them to sell.

i check before, it is enable too drop then, the thing is that bot not stop when inventory full, he keeps try to open when 0spot left ininventory, he not go to npc, or do drop and then try to take again event whyy

did u fix that problem?

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yes but the problem with that is that it do it once and stop, have more lucky box and he not do


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