Lower mobs attack not used

i have skills in EVENT & GENERAL section in the ATTACK tab

but it use skills ONLY at general monsters
when attacking party mobs … it hits with normal attacks

Event monsters are different and those skill would never be used.

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Ya so
General (have skills)
Champion (no skills)
Giant (no skills)
General party (no skills)
Champion party (no skills)
Giant party (no skills)

So with that option in screenshot is marked
& the bot fight a “general party” monster
Since “general party” section is empty
It should change sections above it & user those?
Ya that is what it was & should…

& u saying event section dont count? Will the bot is counting it…!

forgot to update ya on this

normal attack was added in “Strong” monsters section
i guess i did some insta addings & repeated it somehow xD

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