Login suggest

hey @Ryan, thx for those greet options
today i have a suggest to discuss with you,
all login options is very good but i want an option will make the manager able to open all at the same,
i want from the manager login xx char from each groub at once,
if i got 5 ips proxy i want give every pt 1 ip proxy i want manager open 2 by2 from every groub, now i have 5ips proxy i made 5 managers to make every pt work,
could you add this option ?

@Ryan Could you tell me about solution for this or just tell me you don’t want to do it ?

It’s already way too complex.

so the only way not i buy for every 2 chars 1 ip or make for 1 ip 1 manager own the chars that will open in this ip right ?

Need individual proxies for each account.

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