Latest Tested Verison

After this recent update, seems that the Standby error has been fixed (was not provided by joymax)

but now i get this

[07:49:07] Quest: Loaded

[07:49:07] Town: Loaded

[07:49:07] Stall: Loaded

then the bot close and try again!

Any ideea for a fix?

Not sure. If other people are having this issue tomorrow I’ll take a look.

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Oke ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve reported the problem to Joymax&JCPlanet. They did some fixes about 8 hours ago as they should.

I believe it’s OK now. Time to test it.

Hijacking this Thread here real quick.

I do have the same Problem using clientless Login on vSRO using 23.3.7.
23.3.5 works fine.

EDIT: nvm. seems the problem is server sided since they had an update today.

i got same problem any help @Ryan

Are you sure it’s not the Manager restarting it?

yup and i try also with out manger same problem @Ryan

i got this problem with last update 23.3.7

Are you seeing the You are already in the standby list error?