Last update bugs

after updating to latest testing & on palmyra:

main/2nd/shield items are reset
& cuz of that
while the bot have broken weapon & its not set to main/sub
it DC or spamm trying to use it till the server kick it or something…

-chars DCing randomly
i would say its with everyone in the server
since login traffic go from(example) 350/350 to … cutting lines … like 335/350 >> 290/350 >> & so on
the usually 3~5hour login time … short down to less than an hour…

-i get:

even though another character didnt get it
& playing another game online without problem or high ping or ping spikes…

-the bot that receive this msg:

cant close it or click it or even spamm click it to trigger the win10 “close or wait” thing…

will after latest problems … my sub/noob characters are for sell if anyone would like to:
each have 6pack very sexy…

Auth errors are definitely your connection because if it goes down it will still function and show that you have 1 day left.


this stack of problems didnt come all at once

it started since your latest offical testing release
got hyped by the “ingame timer” & closed all my bots to update & opened again…
& from then till now
& at “now” i mean till i opened this topic
also at now* … was the time i got that connection msg & freeze botWindow
but the other problems though…


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