Kill PK player

Why phbot not support kill PK player. I mean attach the murderer player (red state, not pink state)
You know, another player kills me continuously while the bot doesn’t respond. I would like the bot to recognize that players in the “red” state and also kill him like a monster.
It will help the player to prevent the pk situation as it is now.

It does not attack players.

It would be a very good and useful tool if the phbot would detect the players attacking the opposing point

What’s the point of playing if you aren’t going to do anything?

@ DeRidder14

Are you a MOD? What do you think the purpose of your bot is? Isn’t it a support for players to train level?

Now, the gameplay is so much different than the past… Players can’t spend all day playing games. Especially train to up level. Instead, we will use the BOT to do it.

What’s the point of playing? It is play on job (hunter, trader, thief), it is siege war… all related to player vs player… not player vs monsters

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But you are just asking to attack another PLAYER automatically. decide something.

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