Key of Hero, Challange, Trial and Courage

Is there any way to open auto keys in jangan cave? I mean I’ll move the phbot to Room of Hero and make bot open keys in there. I’d be glad if anyone can help.


no? :smiley:

There are no options in the bot for this.

is it possible to add sir?

How exactly do the keys work and what do you want the bot to do?

there is a box like quest npc, click to the box talk with it(give the key) end of the talk it will give you reward… I want to make it auto use key cuz I got over 3000 keys and open them is so boring :smiley:

maybe @Yeena can explain better than me.

You want it to select the NPC and get the keys, too? Not just use them?

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I got my keys in inventory, it just need to give key to npc

Hey !

What he means is to automatically use the keys on the chest NPC.

After this, you either get gold, an item, or a monster appears.

Its purely a dialogue thing. The keys are in your inventory like other quest items.
It takes one key at a time.

The keys are dropped by monsters. It’s kind of a quest, in jangan cave B2 (Room of Challenge, Room of Hero, etc).

Would be nice to have it able to do this, i agree with @LeqendisBacK.
Also, the items (elixirs and grains) dont stack by themselves. if this can have an auto-stack function every loop or every 5 loops somehow, would also be great!


Thanks for your support on this topic <3

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yes pls i need this :smiley:

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We all need that :smiley: <3

to nice to be true if we get this feature =)

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Macro ile yapıyolar genelde dostum , phbotlada plugine ihtiyacınız yok script ilede yapabilirsiniz

you can do it with macro programs, command with phbot and a few conditions

doesn’t really help as when you start bot and talk to the NPC the game won’t let you interact with the NPC anymore (you cant close the dialogue window any more, you cant turn in keys. Nothing related with this NPC responds). Even if you stop training you still have to restart the client to be able to interact with the NPC again.

This is why a built in function is more than welcome for these.

All that’s really needed is a way to make the bot auto select the npc, choose dialogue option 1, choose dialogue option 1 again. Sort inventory.

That’s literally it :yum: I tried recording a script for it but as I said above, the client bugs out then and becomes unresponsive in the dialogue window.

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@LeqendisBacK @Yeena @SinteX @Ryan something like this can see your business at least
but add a walk to the end of the command and set a stop , and starts starting a program in 20 seconds from the conditions , so phbot will go into infinite loop

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