[Issue] Socket error: 8

hi ryan,

newly im getting “Socket error: 8” when i try to connect.

im not sure if this is related to v21.6.2, but it was working before with v21.6.0.

got this issue with two different outgoing IPs.

got some idea?


One of them probably can’t connect.

lol. yes. sure. this is why i did this thread. i wanna know why and thought you might tell me more.

The error is AddressInUseError. QAbstractSocket Class | Qt Network 5.15.3

I can’t know the cause of that.

thank you

well, unfortunately i get this error very often since some version update.
i havent changed my environment in between.
i use wine on a linux machine.

once i get this AddressInUseError, i have to kill all my bots (all phBot processes that are running) and restart my whole xserver to get it running again. unless i do that, i am not able to start the affected bot again.

this issue is only related to the specific IP address i want to bind. when i kill some bot that use another IP address and restart it, its working very well. am i doing the same to some other bot that use the same IP address i want to bind, its not working as well.

i killed all phBot processes that run using the affected IP address. then i checked all open connections using netstat -antWup and grep'ed for that IP. no result. there is no process that uses this IP except my bot when i am going to start it.

got some idea? i really dont want to kill all my bots and the xserver whenever i get that issue. especially not with iSRO :slight_smile:

It’s probably a Wine issue. Are you specifying a BindIP in the config?

i havent changed anything to my environment, especially no wine upgrade. :thinking:

yes, sure i use bindip. but i dont set it actively inside of the config. i pass it as argument to the process.

anyway i am not able to test older releases since your cdn does not hold them anymore.

example: http://cdn.projecthax.com/testing/21.5.4/phBot.exe

404 not found


maybe you can change the way how the bot stores older version to that phBot.old directory.
i can only find the very last version before the last update applied.
it would be better to keep all previously used versions and dont clear the phBot.old directory before updating at all.

v21.6.1 is the lowest version that i can get.
even Mega, MediaFire and GDrive dont have lower versions anymore. :frowning:

unfortunately i have the same issue with that v21.6.1.

v21.6.1 got released on 2019 Jan 2.
this thread got opened on 2019 Jan 6.

these dates are very close to each other, so when this issue is related to some specific bot update, v21.6.1 is probably to new.

How did you fix it before?

Edit: The only point of the “old” folder is so you can update without closing any running bots.

good damn it. sorry mate, all my bad. :persevere:

i upgraded all packages on the server, installed winehq-devel instead of winehq-staging, restarted the entire system and still got that issue.

now i figured out the mess: i forgot to add a pseudo network interface for that IP address. :persevere:

it was missing even in my /etc/network/interfaces.

sorry for that!

well, i was not talking about “is it possible to update while other bots are running”. i just wanted to say, that only the very last version is stored at phBot.old directory, even when i already updated several time in the past. that means, whenever i update the bot, all files inside of the phBot.old directory gets removed. i just suggest to keep them.

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