iSRO RHEA - Full int bow - 128 lvl - 122 job level - D14+2 weapon - D13 legend set (protector + accesories)


I have full int bowman for sale.

Fresh infos:
128 level
122 job level (wearing full blue 100 lvl +3/+4 job set - incantation pants and one ring must be gained (and highest blues))
D14 +1 Legend Weapon
D13 Legend set
D13 Legend accessory set

Rest informations on the screens:

If interested PM me for contact details to Whatsapp.

PayPal scammers, Western Union scammers and all the rest fill-your-credit-card-details-scammers → F*** off :slight_smile:

You are buying 2 accounts:

  • main account with main bowman and 3 storage chars
  • staller account and 3 storage chars

Both accounts are quite good for incomming new year lottery with gifts (devil SS, rare pets, etc).
Main account has gold status almost all the time and staller was silver.

Please offer in $ / € here.

Still for sale?