Isro reward for support/charge

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

Thank you for your love and support for silkroad Online in 2020.
We will do our best to continue to grow and be a better silkroad.

Thank you for the support previously that we have prepared ‘Special Appreciation Event’ again.

During the event period, paid Silk used last year will be exchanged to Points, which can be used to in the event.

You can recieve great rewards if you enter and win in the event.
Chance to win a special rewards ~!!

[ Event Period ]
10 AM Jan. 1, 2021 ~ 10 AM Feb. 1, 2021(jcplanet Standard Time)

[ Rewards ]
Devil’s Spirit SS grade (Upper class of Devil’s Spirit S grade)

  • Options when equipped : HP/MP 30% + Block rate 2

Angel’s Spirit SS grade (Upper class of Angel’s Spirit S grade)

  • Options when equipped : HP/MP 30% + Block rate 2

VIP Dragon Flag (Upper class of Gold Dragon Flag)

  • Options when equipped : Str. 9 / Int. 9

Blue Dragon Fellow

  • Dragon Fellow with tinge of blue light

Please visit the official Silkroad web after 19th of January 10 am for the detailed information at #@#@#
Come and enter the event and continue to show support for Silkroad

thats the msg i received
where do i pick my rewards :D?
or how this works?


when did it started !?

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it started 30min before or around, this reward suck for all servers this reward only, now no reward I have many chars without exhange point:((((((((((((

what a full of sh1t they r
no respect to other’s life activities…

You need to be quicker

i was sleep
& woke up to work
& came like 3~4hours ago :frowning:

this is pure ballshit
why not have it at least 24h…
for peeps around the globe to find time to get in…

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I don’t know it’s been the same for 3 years. I woke up at 5am did my chars and back to sleep. :slight_smile:

omg what a bullshit
there is no information also not in the official mail thats only for some hours


realy nice scam gaymax


They only gave out SS Spirit to 30 players per server. I do not know why they had a limit. It is not a tradeable item. I was upset too

It’s actually 30 devil and 30 Angel for the entire game, not per server.

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Oh wow thank you

After complaining to there techSupport
Others as will

Your welcome

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