ISro Clientless

Phbot switched to clientless on its own an hour or so into the game
with how hard it is to log in to ISro and my bot switching to clientless without me having DCed is frustrating.

I noticed this as well with the testing version on Fury-Sro, the bot would switch to clientless on its own at a random time but this isn’t too frequent. but on ISro, even if it is not frequent it is a MAJOR issue.

The game is crashing, the bot isn’t doing it.

You don’t need to relog to open the client, use the teleport option

can you elaborate on the teleport option, do you mean using a return scroll?

When you press go client, you have two options… return/teleport and reconnect. Using the return/teleport option will not disconnect you from the game

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Thank you, i just tried it on Fury-Sro and it got me back to character select but my characters weren’t there so i had to restart, i will try it on ISro the next time i go into clientless

Your chars wont show… just let the bot do its thing when opening the client

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