Is it possible for ph bot to use less internet?

TR: ph botun daha az internet kullanması mümkün mü

ENG: First of all, good forum to everyone.
I manage a party of 8 people with VİN internet.
Frankly, I was logging into TR SRO via proxy before.
While proxies use around 5 GB of internet per month, VINN uses 9-10 GB of internet.
Is there a setting in this PHBOT that will reduce the use of the internet?
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TR: Öncelikle herkese iyi forumlar.
Ben vın internetiyle 8 li parti yönetiyorum.
Açıkçası daha öncesinden proxy ile de TR SRO ya giriş yapıyordum.
Proxyler ayda 5 gb civarı internet kullanımı yaparken VINN 9-10 gb arası internet kullanıyor.
Acaba bu PHBOT da internetin daha az kullanılmasını sağlayacak bir ayar varmı?
Dip not: Client kapalı sürekli olarak

Slower attack mode and don’t enable the option to auto join through matching.

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Avoid heavily populated towns and areas, so set your recall to a less crowded town and don’t let your scripts walk through the towns full of players.


Thank you very much for your message. In this regard, I have many friends in TR SRO who use VINN and suffer from this internet usage. Attack - I found the slow attack mode, but can you help me how to do the other option?
Do not enable auto-join via pairing. I didn’t see this option either.

There is an option In Party → Matching tab. You can auto join parties using “Join by name” or “Join by title”. I guess Ryan mentioned about these two option.

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OK. I did everything. I also checked to show the map in Phbot Manager. Maybe that will provide some benefit, too. I will test it for 1 day and get back to you.

ENG: Dear friends
There was no change in usage values.
If there are friends who use vin in this regard, it seems that it would be a logical choice to benefit from their experiences.
In fact, something caught my attention.
For example, while the IP I use at home consumes 250 mgbytes of internet, VINN consumes 500 mgbytes, that is, twice as much. It’s good for you to know this too. I hope we can solve it

TR: Değerli arkadaşlar
Kullanım değerlerinde hiçbir değişiklik olmadı.
Bu konuda vın kullanan arkadaşlar var ise onların tecrübelerinden de faydalanmak mantıklı seçim olacak gibi görünüyor.
Hatta şöyle birşey dikkatimi çekti.
Örnepin kendi evde kullandığım IP 250 mgbyt internet tüketirken vınn 500 mgbyt yani 2 katı tüketim yapıyor. Bunu da bilmenizde fazda var. Umarım çözebiliriz

@bellammy97 I guess this is not a phbot issue. When you use internet on your computer, it prefers to use your vinn’s internet instead of network’s internet. You can change this by following these steps;

Open Network & Internet Settings
In the screen that opened, Click Change Adapter Options
In the screen that opened, Double Click Vinn’s adapter
In the popup screen that opened, double click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”
Click Advanced in the new popup screen.
Uncheck “Automatic metric” option and type 9999 below area (Interface metric) and select Ok, Apply, Save options.

After these settings your computer must be choose your network’s internet instead of Vinn’s.

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