Invite at training spot only?


add the option to invite at training place too plz
or make that option for both take&give

some of us stay at locations … not anylvl can get there

so its safe to open invite for those random players that join the pt

while we are AFK for days

i mean we dont want to come back from work or trip of mcdonalds & find a stall char or goldbot or anything … is taking a slot in the pt…

& a new player or player who DC or relogin for XP bar reason:
is at the spot not in the pt & KSing on us & he is AFK for hours or days

Use a list …

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how do i use a list … when im AFK for a days?


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team viewer for what?

So you can do things while you don’t have access to your PC.

u dont have a “send party invitation at training spot Only”
u have Only a “accept party invite at training spot Only”
im requesting to add the first one too

good for not having goldbots or stalls in the party when the char is at town buying HPMP

saying that cuz i set the bot to accept random players not listed … on certain lvl
there are area’s which not any player lvl can TELEPORT to…
like mirror or fireTemple or iceTemple or any other lvl limited area’s & not crowded at certain spots

i dont think teamviewer is needed for an option request that its not there

how im going to check the party invite if someone want to join while its on clientless?
or keep banning stalls and noobs who join thinking they can teleport and take a slot ?

can u just add the option please
1 semple option

I would suggest looking at tutorials of phbot… You can do party players list, and NOONE whi is not in the list will be invited into the party. It doesnt matter if its in town, not in town, in training place or wherever in whole map. If you do your bot settings and lists correctly, everything works flawlessly. I am botting in town, my chars invites each other and nobody else to the party with no problems

and your one semple option, whats the point of it. If your bots invites people in town, and you want them to invite only at training place - what stops me from going to your training place and then get invited?

@SemDex as i understand its not the problem to get his chars in the pt but its a problem to invite randoms (and yes he wants randoms in the pt) but only at the trainplace thats the whole point this option is needed becurse othewise there is some lvl 50 char in his pt blocking a slot for a char that is on the trainplace ( that could be in his pt making lvling faster ) its just to make sure that he dont invite a char inside town that cant even get to his spot … or doesnt help him at his spot

can u confirm it @Yapersia

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& i dont know why @Ryan refuse to add this
Even though i offered moneeeeyyh !

Copyright problem vs u know what bot? is that it @Ryan ?

add this option POLLEEZZZ !


can you please add this option
u got the accept only at training area

invite Only at training area
as will

so i can leave the party in a hard to reach area
(only high lvls reach & no passing by’s…)

& for those who join & let there bot run in the spot
while im AFK for days & didnt add them to bot

they could be auto invited back to party
if they got DC & bot reconnect them

instead of reconnecting & not joining
& KS starts
& others join the party match system & find this KS
& leave
& never give that party a 2nd chance…

would like to invite randoms at training area Only
& not randoms at town(goldbots & spammers & noobs)

can you kindly add it
Mr. @Ryan