Invalid target ? :/

Hello I’m new at phbot. When i start bot its working about 3-5 minutes and then character stop attacking and waiting same coordinate. In info box its say Invalid target what can i do. I tried enable collision , disable collision vs vs its not working :frowning:

also bot mostly stuck at obstacles

It’s probably trying to cast a buff that is conflicting with something else.

i have same issue. 7 chrs out of 8 is working fine and just 1 chr is having this issue
all chrs has same settings and the wizards has same setting and skills and it still does this issue

How can i fix?

I have this problem today only my glaive affected

Could be a particular skill. Not sure.

the source of the problem
AUTOMATIC CONFIGURATION caused by adding Heuksal Spear Series to the emergency list
ex:Windless spear or Death Bringer Spear
remove from emergency list
i am aware of my bad english i hope i can tell


Hi bro, >You can fix it by choosing auto config with correct settings. And make sure each time bot auto open after a crash. You need to auto config prepare again to fix this problem. its related to crashes bot faced during day.

  • Mana Drain Skill for Wizzards not a skill to use as Attack skill. its PVP skill for combat.