İnvalid target problem

Hello Dear,

There are some problem in phbot or are not. Actually, I exposed to see this problem when i use bow chars. I would like to tell about my problem is:

When my bow chars in phbot, all settings are true I’m sure about, cut to the other monster, a wait of 1 second occurs and seems “invaled target”.

Could you help me about that problem?

Thanks a lot. God bless you

Which server? Could be latency related.

Gateway:, it’s a Turkish private server dear. Is there any possibility, you test this server? I tried dagger char but it did not seem any problem. I exposed invaled target error when i was playing bow char.

@Ryan i do have the same problem in my server too using bow char … but i thought its normal :smiley:

Send me an account and where to download it and I’ll test it.

i will send everything to ur dm… just a sec

@Ryan sent to ur dm