Installing guild store

Why do you get stuck in the guild bank?

Is it full?

no, is it null.

is there in your script.
ā€œDoGuildStorageā€ and Itā€™s xy

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Yes, thatā€™s the problem, the bank is going in and out, but when I try to enter the bank with another char, the previous char still looks in the bank, but itā€™s actually char in the zone.

@Ryan ?

What was the last thing it said in the log when near guild storage?

gĆ¼nlĆ¼kte herhangi bir şey sƶylemiyor, 1 numaralı char bankaya giriyor itemleri aktarıyor ve Ƨıkıp devam ediyor, sonra 2 numaralı char geliyor, 1 numaralı char hala bankada diyor, ama 1 numaralı char o sırada kasılma alanında oluyor.

You probably have the option enabled to not do guild storage if another guild member is nearby.

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I will try

how you fixed this problem bro @cebralig

I have same problem, what should i do for avoiding this @Ryan ?

He never said if that fixed it. There is an option on the guild tab to skip guild storage if players are nearby.

The problem is , there is not an option in the guild tab

It is on the testing release.

No, I can never fix this, instead Iā€™m taking the character off the guild bank. @Hulusi @Ryan

in tested release u have this at town tab

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